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Club Spotlight: American Muscle Car Club (from Connecticut Cruise News)

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American Muscle Car Club would like to give a special shout out to Don Clady and Connecticut Cruise News for publishing this spotlight article on our club. This is the original article as taken from the March/April 2014 edition of Connecticut Cruise News.

Car Club Spotlight: American Muscle Car Club

Story & Photos by: Paul Wolfer

AMCC - The newest Connecticut car club!

AMCC – The newest Connecticut car club!

Meriden, CT – Formed in 2011 American Muscle Car Club (AMCC) is committed to giving back to the local community by hosting automotive events and cruise nights to raise awareness and help fund local charities.






Rob Lorenzo – President of AMCC

Rob Lorenzo, a native of Meriden, CT and the president of AMCC, has been involved in the local muscle car scene for many years.

As all clubs have their own humble beginnings Rob laughs, “A few friends and I were hosting car shows for local charitable groups for about 6 years. We weren’t an actual car club at the time. We were going by Rob and his friends for a while!”


Tito Lorenzo burning rubber in his 57 Chevy – For the kids!

He decided to form American Muscle Car Club so that his group would be recognized and remembered as a unique club. He says, “Most other car clubs require participants to own pristine cars that are babied and barely driven.

AMCC believes in having fun with your car instead of just showing it off. Our car club is like no other because we actually promote burnouts and enjoying what your car can do! We’re known for having burnout pits at some of our local shows that attract huge crowds.”



The club isn’t only about having fun though. AMCC is very serious about helping the local community. Rob explains, “The club is a non-profit group that organizes car shows for local clubs, schools, and special fundraiser events. We try to stick to shows that help out kids. At the end of the day we are just happy to help out our community however we can.”

Brian lines up in the burnout pit at an AMCC car show.

Brian lines up his 69 Chevelle at the Sgt. Jeffrey Boucher Auto Show – a show held to raise scholarship money for local kids.

This year AMCC plans on running its own cruise-nights for the first time. They will be held every 2nd and 4th Saturday at Class Act Auto Wash in Meriden, CT starting May 10th. AMCC is also planning an August auto show to raise money and awareness for Cat Tales (a Middletown based no kill animal shelter) at Middletown High School on August 10th.

AMCC is always ready to help the community!

AMCC is always ready to help the community!

If you want to learn more about AMCC and their events, help out, or just say hello visit them at The club invites you to post photos and stories of your own rides at


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